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Utah Wedding Photography = Emily Lesher Photography

Welcome to Emily Lesher Photography! I received my professional training at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco! If you're looking for professional photography in Utah you've come to the right place! I'm also available for worldwide travel. Utah wedding photography, portrait photography, senior portraits, and newborn photography is where I love to create. You can view my gallery at Utah Photography, where you will find examples of my photographic style. To book me, find my contact information here.

Baby Avery | Utah Newborn Photographer February 26, 2013

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This is my great-niece, Avery.  She is my nieces brand new baby!  I photographed Jessica’s wedding a few years ago (you can see her wedding here) and I was excited to be her Utah newborn photographer for her new little bundle!  I’m posting just a few images for now, I have many more to share!

Newborn sleeping, newborn girl, baby girl, pink blanket,

Newborn sleeping in hat, baby in basket, newborn girl, chevron striped wall, pink knit hat

Family picture, chevron backdrop, young family, family with newborn, baby girl

Angie + Rich | Utah Engagement Photographer February 18, 2013

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Eek!  This is my sister-in-law who is getting married!  We both knew that I would be her Utah engagement photographer looooong before she met Rich!  It is so fun to photograph people you love and to see them so happy!  Congratulations Angie and Rich!

couple at the Capitol, yellow light, bride looking at groom,

engagement pics at the Utah State Capitol

couple nuzzling, utah state capitol

pinkie promise, wedding rings

Couple kissing at the Utah state Capitol building

doors at the Utah state Capitol

Rebecca & Bryce | Bridals at the State Capitol Building | Utah Wedding Photographer January 31, 2013

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When Rebecca and Bryce hired me as their Utah wedding photographer, we decided to take their bridal pictures a few days before their wedding at the Utah State Capitol Building.  It is such a beautiful spot for pictures, and let me tell you, their wedding day happened to be on the COLDEST day EVER.  I’m not kidding, it was the coldest shoot I’ve ever done!  We were SO glad we took the time to do bridals on another day (not that is was much warmer, it was just a few days before their wedding, but the wind was not blowing during their bridals) so we were not stressed about getting all the key bridal shots out in the freezing cold on their wedding day!  Their wedding was gorgeous, so stay tuned for their wedding post!  You can see their engagement pictures on this blog as well.

bride and groom black and white

black and white image, Utah State Capitol doors, bride and groom walking out the doors, bridal pictures

ivory wedding shoes, shoes, high heels, heels with flowers, wedding shoes on steps

pillars, bride and groom kissing, black and white, Utah State Capitol Building

Pillars, bride and groom kissing, state capitol building

Beautiful doors, capitol building doors, bride in front of capitol building doors

Groom dipping bride, steps at Utah State Capitol Building,

bride and groom nuzzling, state capitol

winter wedding bouquet, evergreen in wedding bouquet

Wedding invitation, wedding rings, boutineer,


Angela & Lance Manti Temple Wedding | Utah Wedding Photographer January 30, 2013

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On this snowy winter’s day, let’s look at some warm wedding pictures from Angela and Lance’s wedding this last summer.  They got married in the Manti Temple, and I was thrilled when then asked me if I would be their Utah wedding photographer!  You can see pictures from their engagements, and bridals on this blog as well.  As you can see, it was a BEAUTIFUL day!

Manti Temple, Manti LDS temple, summer wedding, groom in suit, blue skies,

groomsmen on steps, Manti Temple, bride on steps, bride at Manti Temple, bride in lace gown

bridesmaids laughing, navy blue bridesmaid dresses, Manti Temple

Groom at Manti Temple, groom standing on steps, suit, orange orchid

groomsmen, orange orchids, groomsmen lined up, orange and whit striped ties

Kissing bride and groom, Manti Temple, summer wedding, blue sky

wedding bouquet, orange orchids, lace wedding gown, laterns,

wedding cake, wedding food


Rebecca & Bryce | Utah Engagement Photography January 28, 2013

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Rebecca and Bryce had a GORGEOUS Utah engagement photography session!  The fall leaves were at their peak, and the light during their session was so diverse, it was exciting!  :)  This is such a fun couple, and I can’t wait to post images from their bridal session and wedding day as well!  This session was shot in October, in Alpine, Utah at one of my favorite locations.

engagement picture, utah mountains, fall foliage, utah fall

sun flair, sun burst, sun drenched, couple, utah mountains, fall colors

Utah engagement photographer, couple running, mountains, hills, red scarf, moody clouds, dark clouds, meadow, fall leaves, fall colors

grassy field, engaged couple, field, utah mountains, utah colors, red scarf, Utah photographer

couple walking at sunset in the mountains, meadow, field, utah fall, fall leaves, fall colors,

couple in love, couple, dating, couple portrait, red scarf

couple laying on ground, headshots, in love,

blue wedding ring, sapphire wedding ring, engaged couple

mountain road, couple walking on mountain road, couple laughing, black dress, black suit

utah engaged couple kissing, nuzzling, utah mountains



Sundance Film Festival Street Fashion for StyleList Fashion Blog | Utah Fashion Photographer January 24, 2013

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Last week I was contacted by a production company who was looking for a Utah fashion photographer to shoot street fashion at the Sundance Film Festival for the fashion blog, StyleList.  I have lived in Utah all my life and never once attended the Sundance Film Festival, so it was fun to check it out!  The weather was 20 degrees warmer in Park City than it was at my house (thank you to the weather inversion) and the skies were sunny and blue, so it was gorgeous!  I got to do a lot of people watching, and of course, talking to strangers asking if I could photograph them for the StyleList fashion blog.  Naturally, most everyone was flattered and excited to participate.  The ladies I photographed were from all over the world: London, Australia, New York, Los Angeles, South America, and a few locals from Utah.  One of the girls I photographed in the gallery (the one with the pink Louis Vuitton bag) owns a modeling agency and she was on a reality show called “Re-Model.”  Also, the girl in the gallery in all black works for ELLE magazine.  I met some interesting people!  Click the link to see the entire gallery: StyleList

StyleList, StyleList blog, Fashion, Street fashion, Sundance Film Festival, Yellow coat, Sunglasses, blonde model


Dave and Coleen | Utah Family Photography January 24, 2013

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Look who I got to see a few months ago!  Two of our favorite friends from medical school, Dave and Coleen!  They are both practicing family physicians at a clinic in Idaho now, but they were in Utah for a day or so with just enough time to squeeze in a Utah family photography session.  It was fun to see them, and Coleen’s mom, Clover, who I missed seeing on Saba (the little island in the Caribbean we all used to live on during medical school) this summer when I photographed the “Royal Wedding.”

Ashlee & Brandon Cinderella Wedding | Utah Bridal Photography January 23, 2013

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Meet Ashlee and Brandon.  We shot their themed,  “Cinderella wedding” Utah bridal photography session last summer at the Manti Temple (which is where they got married a few weeks later).  This couple was so much fun!  Their wedding was beautiful too, so look for part two of this “Cinderella” wedding in the next day or so!


Shearwater Resort, Saba | Caribbean Photographer January 22, 2013

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This is the beautiful Shearwater Resort on Saba.  I was lucky enough to be the Caribbean photographer to capture its beauty!

Six months ago, I photographed the Governor of Saba’s wedding in the Caribbean.  It was dubbed the “Royal Wedding” by all the locals (they had over 1000 guests, and 100 of those guests were dignitaries that flew in from all over the world).  You can see images from their bridal session,  the bride and grooms civil ceremony, and their church wedding.  In addition to shooting the wedding, I also photographed for Shearwater Resort on Saba.  Shearwater Resort is gorgeous, and has an incredible staff.  The food is AMAZING (seriously, my husband and I died over the blood orange gelato the chef made!) and certainly a place you should consider staying at when visiting Saba in the Caribbean!

Caribbean, panoramic, blue water, mountains, Saba, View of ocean

Saba, mountains, houses, Caribbean, cloudy skies

Shearwater Resort, Saba, Caribbean, Tennis courts, red roofs, ocean, mountains

Shearwater resort, blue ocean, clouds, view, overlook, Caribbean Sea

Shearwater Resort on Saba, view of the hotel Shearwater, mountains, greenery, cloudy skies

dining room, blue goblets, natural light, Caribbean, Dutch West Indies

View of the island of Statia as seen from Saba, View of ocean, balcony, deck

Dining room at Shearwater Resort, natural light, clean, bright, blue goblets

Place settings, blue goblets, Shearwater Resort

Desserts, gourmet desserts, Dutch West Indies

Alcohol bottles, bar, bar window, glasses, Caribbean

Wine glasses, bar in the Caribbean, Caribbean Photographer

Shearwater Resort bar, bar, Caribbean Bar, Saba Bar, Dutch West Indies Bar

Shearwater Resort Bridal suite, suite room, hotel room, ocean views, Caribbean Photographer

white towels, bathroom towels, caribbean bathroom, towels folded like a swan

Shearwater Resort garden room, hotel room, Caribbean hotel, Caribbean Photographer

Shearwater Resort Tennis Court, green, tennis court overlooking the ocean, Dutch West Indies, Saba

Shearwater Resort Pool, blue pool chairs, pool overlooking the ocean

Couple kissing on by the pool, red bikini, blue pool chairs, Caribbean Photographer

Couple kissing in the pool, Shearwater pool, Caribbean Photographer,



Briggs Family | Utah Family Photography January 17, 2013

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Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting Utah family photography sessions, weddings, engagements, and bridals.  It’s been busy around here!

This is my cousin, Sharon, and her family.  We shot this on our great grandfather’s property in Midway.  It was cold (obviously) but I work fast in cold conditions.  :)  Aren’t my cousins good looking?  :)

Sharon Briggs, Family, Midway, Snow, Mountains, Fence, Family picture, melon color

Snake Creek, Midway Utah, log, cabin, old cabin, winter, cold, family picture, outdoors

Sharon Briggs and boys, mom and sons, winter family shoot, winter, cold, snow

Sharon Briggs and her girls, mom and girls, family shoot, cold, snow, trees, orchard,

Sharon and Ty Briggs, winter, orchard, snow, cold, portrait session

Ty Briggs and girls, winter shoot

Ty Briggs and boys, winter shoot, family photography, cold, snow, argyle sweater