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Welcome to Emily Lesher Photography! I received my professional training at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco! If you're looking for professional photography in Utah you've come to the right place! I'm also available for worldwide travel. Utah wedding photography, portrait photography, senior portraits, and newborn photography is where I love to create. You can view my gallery at Utah Photography, where you will find examples of my photographic style. To book me, find my contact information here.

Baby Bling Bows | Utah Commercial Photography October 29, 2012

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This was SUCH an adorable session!  I had so many happy, darling babies to photograph for this shoot!  I really love shooting Utah commercial photography as well, so I was excited when Baby Bling Bows contacted me to photograph their line of baby headbands!  You can find Baby Bling Bows online here: www.babyblingbows.com or on their facebook page.

Casting Call! Looking for 6-12 Month Old Babies in Utah County! September 11, 2012

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Casting Call!  Looking for 6-12 Month Old Babies in Utah County!

Baby bling bows, chevron stripes, baby girl, yellow shirt, purple bow

WHO:  Baby girls, ages 6-12 months (especially looking for baby girls with not much hair, but accepting all submissions!)  An ideal baby model would would be Okay with happy strangers smiling at her and trying to get her to smile.  :)

WHERE: American Fork

WHEN: Saturday September 22nd (Your child will only be needed for less than 30 minutes)

FOR:  Baby Bling Bows!

COMPENSATION:  You child will be featured on the Baby Bling Bows website and in future marketing materials!  Free sample bows for our baby models!


SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Please email the following details to emily@emilylesher.com


Please also include a recent head shot



Baby Ivy | Utah Newborn Photographer September 11, 2012

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Oh my sweetness.  Baby Ivy is the long awaited baby girl with three older brothers.  She is so dang sweet.  It’s babies like this that are so easy going that make me love being a Utah newborn photographer!  I was anxious to try out my new Chevron striped backdrop, and I even knitted a new hat, cocoon, and blanket (the blanket never made it into this shoot) for this sweet baby’s shoot!  Honestly, she let me do what ever I wanted, so I got A LOT of images of this little thing.  Enjoy!  (She smells so yummy too!)

chevron stripes, Cozette Couture head band

pink knitted baby hat, newborn sleeping, baby girl, pink backdrop

sleeping baby, grey Chevron stripes, naked baby headband

baby with lots of hair, brown haired baby, pink knitted cocoon

baby resting on hands, Cozette Couture pink headband with feathers

naked baby girl, sleeping baby, crocheted afghan

kids, three boys, family, older brothers, curly hair, newborn baby, bed

Happy Easter! April 8, 2012

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Happy Easter!  I was feeling slightly guilty this weekend because I hardly every photograph my own kids (well, does the iPhone count?  I photograph them with that super high quality camera all the time!) and by hardly ever, I mean never.

I decided to take a few pictures of them in their new Easter outfits that the Easter Bunny brought.  Dallin wasn’t too thrilled, but I promised him candy that I’m pretty sure I never gave him.  (Yeah, I’m that put together this weekend!)

As we started shooting, I realized again why I never photograph my own kids . . .


Photographing your own kids is stressful!  Hannah is easy enough, but get two kids together and all they want to do is dance, and listening is not one of their special talents!  After a highly stressful 10 minute session (I was lucky to get that!) this is what we got.

I called for help with a light check before we started shooting (so I could test the power and exposure of my strobes, the shadows, and overall lighting before I starting photographing the little people who have the attention span of a gnat) and who came to help?  That’s right, my dog Paris.

She is the best dog ever.  Even in her twilight years, she heard me call out for something and she was right there.  Well, it’s not too much of a stretch for her since she is usually on my heel about 90% of the day.  I think she was sorely disappointed she had to sit still for a few takes, but I did promise her a treat and I remembered to give her one!

Whippet dog,

purple Easter dress

Easter suit

Happy Easter everyone!

Hannah | Utah Photography March 1, 2012

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This is Hannah, my sassy little five year old who loves to be photographed.  The only way she gets her picture taken is after my other Utah photography sessions.  She usually has a theme in mind (as you can see here) and she steals everyone’s moves.  If she sees your picture, she will copy your moves!  Please note the last two pictures.

Child with balloon and Minnie Mouse

little girl with polka dot balloons

Pink chiffon and little girl and older girl


Here are some links here and here to some other shoots she’s copied!

I love that little sass of mine!

Utah Photography | Chase Turned Eight! February 4, 2012

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Utah Photography – Eight Year Old Shoot

Utah photography has been lucky this winter.  It’s been relatively warm this winter (like 40-50 degrees!) so we shot this eight year old session  in January without completely freezing our buns off!

This is Chase who just turned eight!  Isn’t he a doll!  I love his glasses!  He looks so . . . debonair!   He has two younger brothers who are equally as darling too!

Utah photography - eight year old - glasses


Dallin’s Fall Shoot November 2, 2011

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Seriously, this child is so hard to photograph.  Do you see those ears?  They are merely ornamental, they don’t actually work.  I think kids behave better for other people when it comes to getting their pictures taken, so I might need to outsource photographing my kids!

However, he is adorable.  I know.

This shoot lasted seven minutes, so I was happy to get one shot I thought was decent!

I loved this one so much, I wanted to see it in black and white as well.

And that’s it!  Phew!  I can mark this off my list for the next year!


Hannah’s Fall Shoot October 20, 2011

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A few years ago (back when I wasn’t a photographer) I asked one of my favorite photographers if they had a bazillion professional pictures of their kids.  To my surprise, he told me he rarely photographed his kids!

Not only was I shocked, but I turned into Judgy-McJudgerson and thought, “How could you?!  We’re talking about your kids!”

Well, let’s fast forward a few years to today.

I rarely take pictures of my kids with my real camera.  Sure, I have a ton of iPhone pics of them, but it’s just no the same as a real picture.

With all the fall shoots I’ve had scheduled and fall foliage in full vibrant color, I decided to make an appointment for Hannah.  (Dallin will also get an appointment, but only when I have an assistant and I after I get him the right outfit!)  The thing I dread most about getting Hannah ready for a photo shoot is doing her hair.

Ugh.  I’m so not a hair stylist.  After flat ironing her hair, she looked like a drowned rat, so I pulled it into a top ponytail, which didn’t do much for her either.  I ended up doing a hair do that my 17 year old employee at my bridal store taught me about 10 years ago!

What can I say.  It worked.  Next time, I’m outsourcing this part of the shoot!

This girl cracks me up!  Look at her stance on the right!  She’s playing “Twinkle, Twinkle  Little Star” on the violin like she’s been playing for years!

This post would not be complete without a composite image of Hannah!

I vow to start taking more pictures of my kids.  I really should take advantage of my free services to myself!

Pencil Portraits September 20, 2011

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My super talented sister-in-law, Sheri, drew both of these images.

She can draw your kids too if you’d like!  I have a pencil drawing of Dallin as well . . . I got it a few months ago and I didn’t remember to photograph it until just now when I wrote this sentence! Just know that I have one.  I love both of my kids equally!  :)

Hannah was drawn with pastels, isn’t she adorable?  I’m so biased, I know.

Check out Sheri’s site if you are interested in having the people you love drawn!

Alex. Just Baptized. September 5, 2011

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This is my nephew, Alex, who just got baptized last week.  Isn’t he so adorable?

Even at eight years old, his cheeks are still so kissable!  :)